Hi.  I’m Jimmie.  You’d think I’d give you my real name here seeing as how my picture is plastered all over this here blog.  But not yet.  Besides, at this point everyone who reads this knows me.  Well, almost everyone.  Madre has sent this link out to everyone she knows and while I am social, I don’t know all those people yet.  Hello, strangers.  I think of you as friends I have not yet met. 

I started this here blog because I like to write. I realized this one year around Christmastime when I received possibly the worst newsletter in all of Christmas newsletter history.  It had labels like: Travel, and Illness and Children and then detailed the minutiae of the family’s life in exquisite detail.  Snooze.  I think that topics are a great idea and I want to hear about your kids and your travel, but I don’t particularly want to read the recap of your entire health history for 2009.  I prefer the interesting highlights and short recaps of the year. Throw in an embarrassing story or two and it’s even better.  In a fit of arrogance a couple of years ago, I wrote my first Christmas letter in which I drew ridiculous pictures and sent out to all my friends and family. I was hooked.  I have no idea how people really felt about my letter but then again, they can throw it in the trash if they like.  I’ve been known to do that myself.  I write this stuff for me, because I like it. 

So.  I live in Nashville.  I’m most recently a transplant from Northern Alabama and with a few exceptions, I’m not a fan of Alabama. I was born in Kentucky and that is where my heart resides.  Unfortunately most of my friends and family reside in Tennessee and until we move up to Lexington en masse, Nashville is where I’ll stay.  I like Nashville a bunch and I’ve experienced a lot of it.  I’m happy here. 

I like putting my own spin on life.  I find life amusing mostly.  Sometimes I find it sad.  I’ll write about both.  Mostly what I want to do is make a concerted effort to find good things to work towards and embrace.  I’d like to do that with humor.  This is kind of my way of forcing myself to actively think about those things instead of just letting life happen to me. I’m a Christian so you’ll see that slant a bit but I’m not religious.  I feel like there are huge differences there, and very often a disconnect. 

I think the word “moist” is the grossest word in the English language. It squicked me out a little just typing it.  I cannot say “rural” or “brewery”.  My mouth does not go that way for some reason. “Epiphany” is my favorite word.  I just like the way it sounds.

I used to be hot for Val Kilmer but now that his eyebrows are wooly, I find him distasteful.  Come on, man. They make clippers for that.  I think men in uniform are HAWT unless the uniforms are of the “garbage man” or “prison” varieties. 

I got my heart broken once by a homeless man who was wearing a clip-on tie with his t-shirt.  I think it was the tie that did it.  Every now and again I see him hanging out downtown and I’ll buy him something to eat when I can.

If you have free tickets to almost anywhere in the world, I will go with you.  Nashville is great, but there is a whole world out there to see.  I want to see it!  After all, I have a lot of friends I’ve not met yet. 

You can contact me at extraordinaryordinarygirl@gmail.com.  I’ll read your emails unless they contain adult content.  If they do contain adult content, I will forward them to Madre and after reading them, circulating them to all of her friends and ridiculing you mercilessly behind your back, she will give you a tongue lashing like you have never received before.  It won’t be pleasant.  You have been warned. 

Okay, friends.  Here we go!


14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rickkers
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 15:52:10

    You should update your About section.


  2. Freddie
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 19:45:55

    Rock on sista!


  3. Aimee
    May 19, 2011 @ 19:35:06

    Jimmie (your real name is safe with me for now, but when you are famous, I’ll say it loud and proud),

    I love your blog. I said that in my FB email to you. And for the record, I wrote that email before I read your intro here, and now I like your blog even better. Keep up the good work.



  4. Martie
    May 20, 2011 @ 08:33:47

    You are, you know.


  5. amy
    Jun 21, 2011 @ 19:00:44

    i now have a new favorite thing to read…one thing we have in common is a distaste for certain words…you hate moist, i hate … loaf … i toiled at starbuck’s once, and i had people as me, “is the pumpkin loaf moist?” made my skin crawl…okay, just thought you would like to know-oh, and i’m with aimee, when you are famous, i’ll say your name loud and proud too!


  6. jacksmama
    Jul 01, 2011 @ 01:35:16

    Love this!!! Inspire me oh great one!!! Don’t even know how I got here, but glad I found this!


  7. Steve
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 09:12:17

    I just discovered your blog – thanks to your Madre – and really like your style. You have an incredible way of crafting words.


  8. Pauline Castleman
    Feb 23, 2013 @ 13:41:35

    Hey Jimmie, I couldn’t find you on facebook. You wouldn’t believe how many there were. I had a great time today. I’m just about to put a few pictures on facebook. Maybe you can look for me, there are only two Pauline ********** 🙂


  9. nkognito2
    Oct 29, 2013 @ 16:56:18

    My sister “turned me onto” your blog. Have some catch up reading to do. Very good read!


  10. celdaran
    Sep 08, 2016 @ 08:37:39

    “. . . because I like to write” is a great reason to do this. You and I don’t know each other and I’m definitely not one of the peeps in your mother’s social circle, so I guess that puts me in Visitor Category C. Off to read a little now . . .


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