Love Note From A Savior

Lately I’ve been enamored of the sky.  I leave my office almost every day and stare in wonder at it.  I drive places on the weekends and just soak it in.  My heart feels full, sometimes to overwhelming notes, as I look at it and appreciate the beauty that I see.  I wish I could explain it.  I cannot. 

I can tell you some of what it is.  It’s the great puffy white clouds that roll lazily across the blue expanse.  It’s the proud arc of the rainbow after a thunderstorm.  It’s the small cloud, the size of a fist, in an otherwise clear sky.  It’s the sunbeams that break through the cloud cover like the most perfect horizon during midday.     

I try to take pictures of it often but can never quite capture it; it’s too big. 

My heart is so full of this beauty and these feelings are bigger than I expect – I’ve wondered why the skies have affected me so much lately.  I’ve always enjoyed a beautiful sunset or sunrise.  Who hasn’t?  They are glorious.  It just seems as if every day, I find something new to sigh over, to marvel at and it dawns on me that what I feel is bigger than the feelings evoked from a pretty sky.   

Slowly, I’ve realized it is the Something in me, responding to the Something up there, like they call to one another.  Slowly, I’ve realized that, like the landscape that is too large for my camera to embrace, my fascination is something larger than what I can see with my eyes.  It’s not the tiny cloud that promises rain. It’s not the colorful rainbow that promises no more water destruction.  It is the meaning behind those things, the promises made.  I see my God, my Savior. 

I imagine Him saying to me:  

Look up and see Me.  I’m here.

 Look up to see what you search for. 

Look up, to Me, to find your Happy, your Beauty. 

Stop looking in your world, for it is not Mine.  It is only temporary. 

It is not your Beauty.  It is not your Happy. 

I Am.  I Am, forever.

So I look up to the beauty that He gives me.  I look up to the promises made to me.  I look up and know that I am loved. 

In return, all I can say is, “I love You”, and I am thankful. 


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  1. Felix
    Jul 22, 2011 @ 09:26:51

    What a truly INSPIRATIONAL surprise this was for me this morning! I felt that you would have a new post and it’s the first thing I read this morning. I too, on occasion have appreciated a new sunrise or a beautiful sunset and have stood amazed at the beauty of it. I have laid in the grass and looked up at the sky and clouds and have just been mesmerized by the everchanging shapes and movement within them. How truly AMAZING our Creator is to have placed all this in motion for us to stand in AWE. It’s because we are LOVED! Truly. Your post today has just made my day. Thank YOU, Jimmie~!


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