Pictures Of My Tropical Vacation That Was Not Tropical At All

I wrote nearly a million words about my trip and my guess is that everyone had a hard time wading through all that.  To even it out, I thought this post could just be pictures of stuff that amused me last week.  Maybe look a picture here and then go read a paragraph.  It’s hard to condense a week of my life into 1000 words.  I’m so much bigger than that!  Happy looking!    

Might I have a bite of your lunch?

I don't even know what this means . . .


I’m Bruno. I’m badass. I weigh seven pounds. Don’t mess with me.

People in California are weird. No, thank you.


Hello ladies <eyebrow waggle>. Would you like to come nap with me? We could knead beautiful biscuits together.

Remember when I dropped that electric sander on my toe? That black cat covers that black bruise. Yay! Happy Halloween!

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