Whew, I’m Tired.

I’m back! Hi! Did you miss me?

So, I am an official NaNoWriMo participant. Sadly, I am not a NaNoWriMo winner. I wrote 48,285 words in the last month. I just counted them up. I needed to write 50,000 in order to get the NaNo bragging rights, but I’m pretty happy with what I did. I wrote until nearly the last minute, a final desperate gasp on my Friday lunch break, but then I was done. Besides, Pooh and Tigger and I had to make gingerbread houses last night. That’s important enough for me to not finish 2000 measly words. They would have been crap anyway, just me throwing down sentences which I would have trashed today when I reread them.

To distract you from my lack of 2000 words, I have attached pictures of our gingerbread houses. Didn’t we do well?




In a NaNoWriMo wrap up, I’d like to share some valuable things I learned during this experience:

1. I have 38 containers of spices in my cabinet, three of which are ground mustard. To my knowledge I have never used ground mustard in any recipe so why I need three tins of it is beyond me.

2. My shoe racks are not large enough to fit all my shoes. I spent an afternoon cleaning them out and gave eight pair away.

3. Old toothbrushes make great grout scrubbers.

4. Murphy does not like it when you tape the bottoms of his feet.

5. I don’t like Nicholas Sparks’s books. Barf.

6. I had a bag of parsley in the fridge that did not fare well and THAT was what my fridge smell bad.

Procrastination at its finest. That’s what true writing is, people.

Seriously, I got a lot of work done on one book. It needs A LOT of work to get it into shape but my basic story is down and my themes are evident. I’m leaving it alone for a while to do other projects this month but in January I will revisit it. Here’s hoping I don’t cry when I reread it – it can’t be that bad, right?

Moving onwards now . . . . Don’t forget that I will be posting something here every day in December. I received two guest posts that I simply ran out of time to post. (I was typing like mad, y’all.) I will use those in December – thank you Freddie and Prom Date Will. Boss promised another – let’s see if he is a man of his word.

Thank you to everyone else who wrote for me last month. I luffed it. I luff you for doing that.

So, I have a lot to tell you in the next 30 days. You guys missed a lot. Good thing I have a mind like a steel trap and forget nothing.

Happy December! Talk at you tomorrow.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. studiobukowski
    Dec 02, 2012 @ 09:51:50

    Good to have you back, Jimmie! I’ve missed you. And congrats on your 48K+ word count! What an accomplishment! You should be proud 😀


  2. studiobukowski
    Dec 02, 2012 @ 19:38:41

    Sweet! Let me know when you are free


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