Not Quite Dammit Todd

Last night was my church small group Christmas party.  In class yesterday morning we talked first about what each person should bring to the potluck later in the evening and then about the lesson.  One guy in particular, Jacob, was pretty excited about all the food we would be having and at every pause in the lesson he would sigh, “ham” or “mashed potatoes” or “green beans”.  Once during the Creation story when it was mentioned that Eve was formed from Adam’s rib he moaned “ribs”. 

This was a boy with an appetite. 

I don’t know if you know this about me but I like it when men eat.  I don’t want some guy to have a namby pamby appetite.  I want him to pile his plate up and really enjoy his food, and I want to watch him do it.  It’s why I like Dammit Todd so much.  I was fully prepared to stare in admiration at Jacob throughout the dinner as he tucked into it.  To my delight he piled his plate up good, getting some of everything.  He sat down and sniffed his food, waiting for everyone else to get seated.  He put his napkin in his lap after the prayer and grabbed his fork.  And halfway through his plate he said, “My eyes were bigger than my stomach.  I’m full,” and he pushed his plate away.  I was crestfallen.  What a disappointment.  Almost ruined the party for me.  But I got a pretty angel ornament and so the evening was saved. 

Speaking of Dammit Todd, I’d like to announce that we are now to refer to him as Dammit Todd, P.E.  The P.E. (Professional Engineer) is a test that engineers must pass in order to get specific raises and job titles and respect, etc.  Dammit Todd is now a member of the elite.  Congrats, man!

Also, speaking of Miguel (work with me here), I’d like to announce that we are now to refer to him as Miguel, E.I.T.  This is another such similar test and Miguel is now a member of that elite.  Congrats, man! 

I have such smart friends. 

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Freddie
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 07:32:16

    Congratulations, Dammit Todd and Miguel! I’m so excited for you guys!


  2. Martie
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 08:50:07

    Congrats fellers! 🙂


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