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Last night Woney and I arrived home from our trip. If any of you asks, “What trip?” I will know that you a) are brand new to me, or b) never listen to anything I say. It had better be the former.

Anyway, last night we arrived back from Dublin and this morning when I got up, my nose was peeling. I got sunburned so badly that the skin on my nose was like the hard shell of a bug. Like a cicada. Who gets sunburned in Ireland, I ask you! This girl.

Remember that tropical cruise that Woney and I took two years ago wherein we froze to death? Remember how we packed all our cute summer things and our swimmy suits and then we spent hours on the deck of the boat in those tiny little clothes but also under four beach towels each because the sun never came out? Right.

Ireland is currently experiencing record high temperatures, temperatures that they haven’t seen since 1963. It’s like 90 degrees over there every day. There is no rain. They are experiencing a drought and while the forecasters are calling for rain today and tomorrow, Woney’s and my vacation ended before today and tomorrow. Everyone called us lucky. Everyone exclaimed over our good fortune, over our experience of Ireland with these record making sunny days. And really, we were lucky except for the fact THAT WE PACKED CLOTHES FOR THEIR TRADITIONAL GLOOMY, CHILLY WEATHER. In other words, we sweated. A lot. We never get the weather right. It’s annoying.

I have a lot to say about this trip. My plan is to write a post for every day we were there. I’m going through pictures now because everyone knows that pictures tell most of the story anyway. And everyone knows how frustrating it is when you get a gob of pictures from a co-worker or a friend and they want to hog them all, holding them in their hands and giving you every excruciatingly small detail about every person in the picture. Truthfully, I don’t really care a whole lot about your great uncle Tom and his second step son and their dog, Marvin. Please just let me look at the pictures I want to look at.

Speaking of pictures, here’s a good one for you, taken right after our flight into New York City. I was attempting to have big hair. It was a fail.

Muh Hur

Muh Hur

I’ll type at you tomorrow. I’ve got a lot of work to do.


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  1. anne shaver
    Jul 22, 2013 @ 19:56:10

    Keep it coming! Next trip surely the weather will even out, but I must say I took clothes for all sorts of weather to Tennessee, and wore them all. Easy when you drive. Speaking of driving, I think you must have tales to tell about driving on the left. XO


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