Snow Day!

We had a snow day last week.  A snow day in Tennessee, whether we get ¼ inch or two feet, means that everyone buys milk, eggs and bread in bulk and piles up on the sofa under 14 blankets with some hot chocolate and a nose spray to wait out the blizzard.  No one and I mean NO ONE gets on the road.

This is what happens at my house on a snow day:

Text exchange between Jimmie and her neighbor, Luke.

Jimmie:  Okay, Lucas.  When can I go to work?

Luke:  Hold on.  Let me check the roads. (Can y’all tell he’s being snarky?  I can tell he’s being snarky.)

Jimmie:  Are you still at home?

Luke:  Hell no.  I left at 5:45.  Made it in 25 minutes.  Did 55 mph.

Jimmie:  So you just basically called me a girl and a drama queen.

Luke:  Yep.  Get going.

Jimmie:  God, I’m the best neighbor.  You are so lucky to have me.

Luke:  Yes I am.  Good luck.

For the record, I made it work just fine.  Had some French Toast for dinner.  Was fabulous.

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