Oh, Right. I Was Supposed To Have Winners.

I realized about halfway through my game show posts that I was no longer giving you the correct answers to my quizzes. Whoops. Madre won it all anyway as she got the most correct, and I’m telling you, she is a virtual fount of miscellaneous, useless information. Bootsie and E won round three. I already have lunch planned with Bootsie for Thursday, so E, let’s do lunch! (Any excuse really.) Martie won round five and for that she gets a date night soon.

For those of you who quit paying attention but really wanted to know the answers, please see below.

Lobcock – a dull or boring person
Tittup – the prancing of a horse
Furfur – dandruff
Crapulence – a sickness resulting from too much food or drink
Pissonia – a small bush found in Australia, although I’ll award bonus points to BMB for his definition: Pissonia is a small island in the south pacific, full of really angry people. Cruise ships never go there for that very reason.

Your mission is use each of these words at least once in daily conversation. Let me know how that works out for you.

I had another thought about what we could do on this here blog. I’d like to do a Throwback Thursday edition and ask all of you to send me pictures of yourself from back in the day. I’d love to see some big ol’ 80’s hair or some goth eyeliner, both on boys and girls. You know, send me the pictures you’ll be mortified to show or even the ones where you were adorable. I’m going to dig up some of mine and in a couple of weeks am going to share them here. Won’t you join me? Send your pictures to extraordinaryordinarygirl@gmail.com or my personal email if you know me personally in the next week and a half, and I’ll do one big post will all our submissions.


I’ll type at you again tomorrow. I had an Event yesterday and you must know about it.


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