Hey guys? Want to know what’s fun?  Roller Derby!  At least I think it is.  What could be more entertaining than a night out with friends watching a bunch of women kick each other’s asses  while wearing roller skates?  I’ll bet profanity is involved. 


You know what else is fun?  Meeting Freddie and Ian and Quan and dog-neighbor (who at this point should have a name – let’s call him Sanchez) at a bar and having some cocktails that look like a Frosty and taste like a Frosty but are actually chock full of alcohol, at least 5 different kinds.  I asked what was in it the last time I had one and lost track after Kahlua, chocolate liqueur and 151.  I know at least two more alcoholic ingredients were listed but since I had already ingested half of this tasty beverage, the ingredient list went in one ear and out the other.  As it is now, I am a complete lightweight and the full drink I had was more than enough for me, causing me to grin like a loon and weave my way down 2nd Avenue.  The official name for this concoction is called Bushwhacker.  Go have one and you’ll agree that it is indeed a tasty beverage and that for the average Joe, one is plenty.  So I’ll take two. (I kid! Probably that is a bad idea . . .)


Anyway, you know what’s not fun?  Realizing that you have 4 very bald, very dry rotted tires on your awesome blue granny car and spending all of your money to buy new ones.  And by all of your money, I mean all but $10.00 of your money.  I don’t think I’ve ever wiped out a paycheck so efficiently in all my life.


I had big plans for this weekend.  Cocktails?  Yes!  Roller Derby? Yes!  Profanity? Hopefully!  (I am a work in progress, after all.)  A night out with a few of my bestest friends?  Yes!  Unfortunately my plans somehow did not include being poor.


I texted Freddie:  Okay, I just looked at my money.  I don’t have any now because of car repairs so I’m going to skip tonight.  I’m such a grown up.


She texted back:  What? Boo!  I hate responsibility! It’s un-American.


That gave me pause.  Which countries are known for being good with their money?  Certainly not ours. We are trillions of dollars in debt.  I’d rather not add to that phenomenon on a personal level.


Jimmie: Actually, I propose the opposite is true.


Freddie:  Hmmm . . .  good point.  I’ll be sad if you are not there, but I understand. (Here I should mention that I luff her.  She gets it. Plus, she invited me over for Easter dinner which includes a bunny cake that she baked and decorated herself.  Need I say more?)

Jimmie:  I’m being a good Asian. Or European.  I’ll comfort myself with that.  (Surely one of them has a grip on their economy, right?)


Anyway, although I had a fun night out planned, I’ll choose being a grown up over getting myself into financial dire straits.  That is called being a “Good Steward”.  


It’s Easter weekend.  Good Friday has passed.  Easter is coming.  What a season of hopefulness, yet hopefulness tinged with sadness.  Our Lord is rising again.  You guys know what’s fun? That’s fun! 


Happy Easter, everyone!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. freddie
    Apr 23, 2011 @ 21:30:12

    I luff you! So sad you missed roller derby! You really would luff it! And yes, there has been profanity, but mainly from me. 😀


  2. Tina
    Apr 29, 2011 @ 16:24:19

    Do you still try to kiss everyone in sight after you have consumed a tasty adult beverage? =)

    I SO! miss you but love that I can keep up with your adventures through your writing. Have a beautiful weekend!


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