Martie – What I Saw in the South; Alabama Storms

On April 27th, I saw: Water. Thunder. Lightening.  Black clouds.  More water.  School was cancelled due to bad weather.  In my hometown, which is only a few short miles from the Alabama border, we experienced severe thunderstorms and rushing water, like this:


Just below us, in North Alabama, and central Alabama, the scene was much more devastating.  Tornadoes ripped through towns, uprooting trees, homes and lives.  Hundreds were killed.  Thousands were without power.  Stores were closed, families were busy trying to find one another.  My heart breaks for those people, and my mind fears this same occurrence here, where I live.  We are so blessed, we are so lucky, we have dodged another bullet.  


Hundreds of people from Alabama converged on my town the next day to buy gas, food, ice, and anything they were in need of.  Idiots in my hometown got angry with these people for “taking what’s ours” or “getting in our way”.  You people should be ashamed.  I pray this never happens to any of you, so that when you head down to Alabama for essentials, no one can make you feel as hopeless as you made someone else feel.  First of all, these people were PURCHASING supplies, so yay for the one-day economy boost.  Secondly, are we really that greedy?  I thought we lived in Heaven on Earth, but people don’t sound very saintly when they sit around gripping tightly to everything they can grab screaming “MINE, MINE!”  Please open up your hearts and minds, and put yourself in their shoes.  I, for one, am thankful that we had what they needed, and sad to think of those who didn’t have a way to get here, nor a home to store their food and water in.  God help them.

Thanks to all of my good neighbors and friends who were quick to lend a buck, a helping hand, or anything else you could scrape together.   Thanks to our power department for sending groups of  people down to help restore power to the ones without it.  Thanks to all who are reading this and deciding to do something to help as you read.  And to those of you who are struggling through this, we are still here if you need us.  Come on back to Tennessee, and buy anything you need.  If someone gives you grief, I’m sorry. 

And I’m not forgetting the 30-something people who died here in my own state, along with those of you who lost your home or a loved one right here in Tennessee.  God Bless you.

Soapbox gone.  Have a great day.

Jimmie here.  There are lots of great organizations that you can donate through and these people still need your help.  I’ll list a few.  Please understand that I am not choosing one over another and can make no statements about these organizations.  I just did a quick Google search and found these.  You can do the same. 

Salvation Army

Help the Children

Samaritan’s Purse

American Red Cross

Photo credits: Water found here.  Damage found here, photography by Scott Fillmer.  He has other photos as well.  Check out his site.

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