Stuff That Made Me Happy (Or Not) This Week

I lost a pound this week.  In the immortal words of my friend, Booty:  Suck on that, Thursday!

Monday I made Dammit Todd shoot Coke out of his nose.  In front of other people. In public. 

Today is Javier’s birthday.  I made him a cake.  Perhaps I was feeling festive in honor of his birthday.  Or perhaps I was just sleepy because I stayed up too late last night watching the musical production of The Color Purple with Jane.  Either way, I packed my gym bag at 11:00 last night and in doing so, gave myself the nicest of all surprises.  I am always diligent in packing underclothes because I have a friend who often forgets her bra when packing her gym bag.  (I won’t name any names but her initials are Lynnette).  I would die if I forgot my bra and would most likely get fired if I showed up at work without it.  In my hyper-attention for underwear packing, I lost awareness when it came to shoe packing.  Imagine my surprise when I was at the gym this morning, got dressed in my professional attire and then found my shoes for the day.  My formal, only-wear-out-with-party-dresses shoes.  At least I’m sparkly.  Happy Birthday, Javier.  I didn’t intend to have Happy Feet on your birthday but since I do, you’re welcome.

Woney is flying in tomorrow to hang out with me for the weekend.  So happy! 

I was discussing death with my boss today.  I have no idea why. 

   I asked, “You’ll come to my funeral when I die, right?

   He responded, “Yes.  I will pour a six-pack of beer on your grave.”

   Of course I said, “I don’t want beer.  I want pink sparkly champagne.”

   And of course he said, “ Okay, I’ll pour pink sparkly champagne on your grave.  I’ll strain it through my kidneys first.”


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  1. martie
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 21:30:55

    I think coke works better when you shoot it IN your nose…or did you mean Coca-Cola?


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