New Dammit Todd Story

I can’t believe I forgot to tell you guys this story!  This fits in with my Food, I Loves It Philosophy and is one more reason why I luff/hate Dammit Todd. 

I love this story! 

One day, Dammit Todd was hongry.  I mean hongry.  It was nearing lunch time and he needed a plan for food.  He is a recent college graduate (and by recent, I mean he graduated more recently than I did), so he still functions well under the direction of “spend little/gain a lot”.  Basically, he wanted to do the most amount of damage for the least amount of money. 

He pondered this for a bit and then made a decision: Pizza Hut buffet. He counted his money.  He worked up an eating strategy: two pieces of pizza per plate; eat methodically; eat slowly;  and, no beverages, as beverages take up precious stomach room.  He would go it alone – he needed all of his concentration for his food.  No distractions from anyone would do.  And the best part?  He weighed himself before he left.  I’m not even kidding.   

He returned to work after his hour lunch break.  He weighed again.  Total gain: four and one half pounds.

Doesn’t he make you sick?  Don’t you just admire him at the same time? 

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