How Quickly I Get Spoiled

Sigh.  I had to go back to work yesterday after being off for an entire week.  Again, happy to have a job but am slightly resentful that I am not a self-made millionaire right now.  I think I could be a lady of leisure, don’t you?  I’d spend my mornings at the gym, doing all kinds of crunches and butterfly moves so that I could have abs of steel and then I would go get massages.  I’d be the most relaxed, fit person you ever met. 

You know, that’s probably not true.  I’d be as big as a house and lazy as a cow cause I feel certain I’d be able to justify lounging around in sweats while I ate bon bons all day as a “noble endeavor”.  Good thing I have a job I need desperately to pay all my bills so that I don’t get fat and lumpy. 

This trip was to South Beach, in Miami.  I yapped about it a lot to anyone who would listen before going and the reactions I got fell into one of two categories: 

  • “I’m so jealous, you guys will have so much fun!” and,
  • “Don’t get killed.  I can’t believe you picked that place.” 

Don’t rain on my parade, people. (It’s possible I’m speaking directly to snooty snothole Bianca here. She’s so lovely.)

So, yeah.  It was fun.  My two sisters and I went, for my 40th birthday.  Martie, The Squirt and I have never taken a trip together, just the three of us and I’m proud to say that I like them better after returning.  That doesn’t always happen you know.  Sometimes you realize that the ones you love have awful snoring habits or they really are high maintenance about a bathroom, so much so that you spend half a day trying to find one that meets some obscure and ridiculous standard.  Not the case here!  We had a blast!

I’m going to cover the basics of our trip here.  Items of note:

Martie and The Squirt are the fortunate sisters with regards to complexion.  Both of them can get as brown as a berry in short span of time and I, well I burned myself in nearly every available place on my body.  Some of those places were rather unfortunate which made sitting on the plane home big fun!  Also, the red and pink and freckled streaks across my body look beautiful. 

Three women tooling around in a Mustang convertible, (color: red), hair blowing in the wind, get a lot of attention.  Especially when The Squirt drives.  She has a lead foot, that one.  We got a lot of blown kisses and from braver drivers, other more vulgar displays of admiration. 

Tasty beverages do not make getting your fingers slammed in a car door hurt any less. 

The Speedo is making a comeback.  Either that or loads of European men frequented South Beach.  I found myself not nearly as offended as I thought I might be, probably because these men wore them with extreme confidence.  However, nary a single one of those men checked the elastic bands in their Speedos before donning them.  Men over 70, please note that gravity has already worked its magic on you.  Elastic can help. 

Seriously, this was such a fantastic trip.  My sissies . . . ah, they are so great.  I just can’t get over how much I love them and how much they love me.  Combine that with gorgeous sand and sea?  I’ve said this once before but it bears repeating.  I love the ocean.  I cannot get enough of it, especially with views like this.  How can you not love it?  How can you not see God’s hand in that, in all that love and beauty?  Happy sigh.

For those who had varying reactions about my vacay?  Final judgment:  You should be jealous!  We had a blast!


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  1. Martie
    Oct 16, 2012 @ 20:49:47

    It was fabulous, wasn’t it? 🙂


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