Good Stuff

I don’t have a lot to say today.  I’m tired.  Yesterday at work one of my team members asked, “What’s wrong with you?  Are you okay?”

“I am,” I replied.  “Why?”

“Your eyes look tired,” she said.

“Oh.  I’m just 40.  That’s all.”

I got a cartoon from a good friend recently.  I will paraphrase it for you.  Jesus was walking along a beach with a man and was explaining the footprints message.  He said, pointing, “You see those footsteps there?  That is where I carried you.”  In the next scene He said, pointing, “You see those long scuff marks there?  That is where I drug you.”

Some days are like that, no? 

I have a circle of friends that started a “Three Good Things” group.  Every day we post a list on Facebook of three happy events from the day.  This is not my daily list but as I was trying to decide what to post today, I thought of that cartoon and then of these things which have lately made me happy: 

  1. Back when my car was breaking every other week, the Hyundai dealership told me that I had to plan for a $1000 car fix before the end of the year.  I got a second opinion.  Guess what?  Clean bill of health on my car.  That money I saved to fix it is now mine and will rest happily in my savings account.
  2. Somebody gave me a pedicure as a gift, right when I needed it the most and right when I could least afford it.
  3. I asked God for something I thought I really wanted.  It would have been the answer to all my problems.  He said no. 

Sometimes God says yes to our prayers.

Sometimes God says wait.

Sometimes God says no.

And I guess sometimes God just drags us all the way through it until we decide to stand up on our own two feet and walk.  Today I’m walking. 

What are your good things today? 

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  1. Freddie
    Dec 13, 2012 @ 07:55:19

    Im so thankful today and every day, really for:

    1. Friends, especially you, who helped me make it through the hardest thing I’ve ever had to face, all the while never passing judgement or forcing their opinions on me.
    2. Yoga and meditation, because without it, I’m not sure my heart would have healed.
    3. My ever growing network of people who get “it” and get me. This network is allowing me to grow and learn new things about myself every day, and I hope I’m doing the same for them.

    And on a less serious note, I’m thankful today for my new car. I know the wheels won’t fall off this one in my lifetime. 🙂

    Thank you for this post! I have so much love for you!


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