Sigh . . . .

Jonquil is here!  They made it safely.  She and I had a lengthy conversation about her trip to Nashville the day before she left, planning and directing and all that.  She told me that her children, both girls, were fascinated by my anticipated Southern accent. They practiced it often to try to get it right before they arrived so that they could speak Jimmie style. 

They were also fascinated by the thought of a single woman living in a house by herself.  The concept was so foreign to them.  In their world, single women who live alone are a rarity.  I laughed and then Jonquil said, “Jimmie, I need you to be a role model for them, a positive picture of life as an independent woman.  They will see this in you.” 

I preened. 

Last night I took them to a cute little Italian place for dinner.  When Daddy-O was here, we took Pooh and Tigger there, so I knew that it would be a hit with children.  I also knew it was a good place for the budget-conscious.  See how I’m a good role model?

We were all being seated and as the last person to scoot into the booth, I stepped in front of the fan in my flirty little sundress. That fan whipped my skirt right up to my waist giving Bubby, Jonquil’s husband, a full CLOSE view of my undies with me in them.  In front of his children.  Oh goody.

You are welcome, Jonquil. My work here is done. 

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  1. Bubby
    Aug 05, 2011 @ 16:13:11

    Jimmie, thank you so much for the dinner and the show! Besides that, we loved our low-tech stay at your home and thank you so much for your generosity. We especially enjoyed all your in-depth knowledge of the many places to go in your town. It was quite a lot of fun, and a great time away. Please let us know how you resolved removing what was left above your kitchen. I hope you and Jonquil had enough time together to reminisce. Have fun and keep writing!


  2. amy
    Aug 09, 2011 @ 21:46:20

    “..close view of my undies with me in them…” priceless imagery


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