A List Of Presents Jimmie Has Recently Received


Quan is back!  Oh happy day!  We get him for a minimum of six weeks, and I am thrilled. 


I plan on making a calendar of all the men in my life and each of them gets a month.  Quan gets June. 


Stylish Hat


I got this awesome hat at Dick’s Last Resort plus the fetching bib.  The people there, they are so nice.  You should go.




I have a potential new roommate staying with me, sort of a trial period.  That might be a present.  It also might not.  We need to see how well we get along.  So far it’s been great.  Anyway, he has a sweet little dog, Mini.  Mini is fascinated with Murphy and Seamus and can often be found licking the carpet where their food falls or where they have been sitting or where their fur lands when it detaches itself.  Seamus is indifferent to her – she is not food or Murphy or under the bed, he reasons, so why bother with the black quivery thing?  Murphy is terrified of her and extremely jealous for my attention.  He responds to her by eating her specially-made-for-Dachshund-dog-food and then hissing and lunging at her from under the bed.  This in turn causes Mini to react in the most dramatic  and flamboyant fashion with yelping and squealing and general quiveryness.  You’d think she was dying.  We repeat this process about 15 times per day. 


Presents from Jonquil and Family


One night while Jonquil et al were here, I felt the desire to cook.  I needed wine for the recipe and spent 20 minutes wrangling with my admittedly crappy corker before giving up all pretenses of being strong and classy and just handing it to Bubby.  Both of us strained our backs with that stupid corker before we won that battle.  It was worth it in the end as dinner was delicious, but still . . . .  The day that Jonquil and Bubby left, they bought me presents and left them for me on my table.  See?


A Mess, But a Funny One

 (Argh! The picture did not turn out.  I’ll update as soon as my camera battery charges.  Sigh. I’m so organized.)

While I had a house full of people, there were a couple of instances of bathroom drama.  It happens when you have six people and only two bathrooms.  A nameless person was stuck in the upstairs one with no toilet paper so Jonquil’s youngest daughter fetched a new roll (also the last roll in the house) from the downstairs bathroom and threw it up the stairs.  Unfortunately she’s 8 and not a softball player. Instead of the roll going forward up the stairs, it went backwards onto the ceiling shelf in my kitchen.  I came home to a trail of tp hanging down my kitchen wall, giggling girls and an unnamed person still stuck in the bathroom waiting on toilet paper.  Hahahaha!  It’s always an adventure at my house!


Notes from Jonquil

Jonquil left me notes all over my house when she left.  I’m still finding them.  I love it!




To me, this is the best present of all.  A few nights ago I picked Seamus up for some snuggling.  He hates it and will tolerate me for about 35 seconds before he’s squirming out of my arms.  But this night, I picked him up and he just gave in.  I’ve had the kitties for two years and for the first time ever with me, Seamus put his head on my shoulder for about two minutes and just purred. 


And finally, a present for you


Here is a picture of Jimmie, doing what she does best.   


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Freddie
    Aug 07, 2011 @ 19:11:40

    That picture could not have turned out any better if I had been trying to get a shot of you talking. 🙂 Luff you!


  2. Martie
    Aug 10, 2011 @ 22:03:52

    OOOoooh, the comment thingy is new and improved! Awesome! I came here to say something….what was it…..? OH….whose car?


  3. Jonquil
    Aug 13, 2011 @ 21:45:39

    Oh me oh my! I have uploaded my pictures, & I cannot believe I failed to get a single picture of Jonquil & Jimmie together! I guess it’s official then: we have to come back.


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