One Of The Many Reasons Why I Luff Dammit Todd

Dammit Todd and I went to see the final Harry Potter movie.  We, of course, got there in time to watch the previews – the second best part of every movie.  Apparently there is a new Taylor Lautner movie coming out and the storyline is at least intriguing.

After the movie, Dammit Todd and I discussed seeing the Taylor Lautner movie.  I was Pro, he was Indifferent.   

Jimmie:  The story looks good.  It will definitely draw the Twilight crowd, because, you know, Taylor Lautner . . .

Dammit Todd:  Yeah, I guess so.  He runs around shooting up stuff, supposedly looking hot and being a badass.  I can see how the girls would like that. 

Jimmie:  You know, there will probably be a few instances where he takes his shirt off.

Dammit Todd:  Sure, there will be a few instances where he’ll take his shirt off and he’ll probably make out with a hot chick every few minutes.  <Sigh> The story of my life . . . . . 

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